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This study aims to draw on the Irish experience of various impact assessment exercises and the experience of a small number of countries which assess their policies on children in order to inform the Office of the Minister for Children in supporting the development and implementation of child impact statements in Ireland.

The objectives of the study are:
1. To explore and clarify different conceptualisations of impact statements and related concepts used in Ireland and abroad.
2. To highlight common ground and differences between the various concepts.
3. To review the experience in Ireland and internationally of the development and implementation of impact statements in a number of policy areas.
4. To consider a framework for the development of a system of child impact statements in the
Irish context.
5. To consider the practical implications of implementing child impact statements.
6. To make recommendations on the introduction of such a system in Ireland.

Keywords: Template or tool, practice guide, justice and legislation, monitoring and compliance, government, tools, templates and guides, assessments

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