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International Journal of Children’s Rights

United Kingdom

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Research and Evaluation

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Justice and Legislation

In Flanders, a child and youth impact report (JoKER) must accompany all legislative proposals based on an initiative of the Flemish Government, that have a direct impact on the interests of persons under the age of 25. This article presents the results of the first in-depth evaluation carried out of this impact assessment instrument. Based on multiple data collection techniques (including an electronic survey and focus groups), JoKER was critically evaluated as to its scope, quality, process, support and control, effectiveness and impact. The evaluation required maintaining a balance between various perspectives and tensions. A major challenge concerns the tension between mainstreaming JoKER in the more general regulatory impact assessment (RIA), on the one hand, and preserving the specificity of a youth and children’s rights perspective, on the other.

Keywords: Research and evaluation, justice and legislation, academic research, research and evaluation

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