Crias are baby llamas – if you are looking for information about them, this is not your Community of Practice! This Community serves policy and program experts, researchers, children’s advocates and others to explore and advance the practice of Child Rights Impact Assessment (CRIA) in support of children’s human rights and well-being.

The primary objectives for the Community of Practice are to:

  1. Develop a deeper understanding of CRIA and its application in policy and other decision-making processes as a tool for advancing children’s rights.
  2. Share knowledge and good practices in the development and implementation of CRIA, at all levels of government, domestically and internationally.
  3. Identify strategies and opportunities for the incorporation of CRIA into decision-making processes.
  4. Participate in a Community of Practice focused on CRIA to encourage ongoing multidisciplinary exchange and further learning about CRIA and to advance its effectiveness.

How to participate

We offer the following guidance and tips to contribute to and benefit from this Community of Practice.


  • You need to register to participate in discussions and to contribute resources. You don’t need to register to see the information and resources on this site
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  • Contact the Administrators if you wish to delete your User Profile (you then may create a new, updated User Profile)

Contribute Resources

  • Use the key words to categorize new resources by type, topic, etc.
  • Provide links or documents or both
  • Provide your own resources or obtain permission from the author/source
  • The Administrators are not responsible for verifying the ownership or accuracy of resources contributed by the Community of Practice

Engage in Discussion

  • The public discussion board should be used only by registered members of this Community of Practice
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  • The main language supported by this site is English. Users may, however, participate in discussions or post resources in a language of their choice to communicate with others who share that language

Contact Others

  • You can invite private, offline discussion with other Community of Practice members on matters that are not suitable for community broadcast – other members may or may not choose to engage directly in offline discussion

General Tips

  • Please contribute to discussions and resources within the focus of the Community of Practice – the use of Child Rights Impact Assessment (CRIA)

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Administrators’ Roles

    • The Administrators of this site, which is intended to support a broad Community of Practice, are volunteers with CRIA experience
    • Their capacity to monitor and manage the site is limited to core functions including general site maintenance; deciding which resource contributions are posted; and other actions they determine are necessary to ensure the site is used consistently with the stated focus and objectives of the Community of Practice
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The founding members of this Community of Practice are UNICEF Canada; Michael Schmidt, University of Memphis, USA; and Nic Mason, The University of Aukland, New Zealand.